Strategic Planning & Performance Enhancement

STRATEGY HOUSE will develop your business plan and map your road to success.

We are experienced business advisors with a proven record of helping businesses succeed. We work with you to develop a business plan; implement that plan; and provide coaching and alignment services to keep your business on track.

We offer a proven 4-step process to help you and your team stay focused.

  1. Develop Your StrategyMAP™
  2. Develop Your Business Dashboards
  3. Drive Your Performance Management Meetings
  4. Enhance Your StrategyMAP™ with Alignment Tools

Step 1 - Developing Your StrategyMAP™

STRATEGY HOUSE develops your business plan and organizes key information on a large reference page called a StrategyMAP. A working tool utilized for all strategic business decisions. The StrategyMAP keeps you focused on your guiding principles, objectives and strategies.

Our team collects and assesses information in a variety of ways to create your StrategyMAP which may include: interviews with you and key personnel; reviews of company historical information including financial analyses and evaluation; and multi-source data analyses.

The StrategyMAP combines the concepts of strategic planning and Balanced Scorecard, providing leadership with actionable items - clearing the road to success.

We help manage transition – stabilize operations,
improve liquidity and increase value.

Advantages of a StrategyMAP

With a StrategyMAP in hand, a business owner will make daily decisions aligned with identified goals and objectives. In one visual sweep, the StrategyMAP.

  • Identifies your unique Core Values, Mission and Vision: namely, who youare, why you are in business and where you are going.
  • Identifies your Competitive Advantages and ways you can capitalize on these strengths.
  • Visually organizes and prioritizes Strategic Goals and Objectives that are going to get you to your Vision.
  • Identifies specific goals in four key areas: Financial, Customer, Operational, and People.

Step 2 - Develop Your Business Dashboards

Business owners are faced with information overload. What are the Critical Success Factors of the Company? Where should you and your management team be spending your valuable time? What should you focus on first? What is all of this financial information telling me anyway?

A Business Dashboard is a custom developed tool to provide easy focus on key business indicators that are most important to driving the success of your company. We develop your Dashboards with color coordinated signal indicators reflecting performance against specific targets. Dashboards provide the focus tool to quickly alert and focus Management to critical areas requiring attention.

Step 3 - Performance Management Meetings

With your StrategyMAP™ complete, you have a choice; travel alone, or with a guide.

We help you and your team stay focused. Our performance managers are your guides on the journey to success. We get in the trenches with you to "work" the business plan. We are facilitators - assigning action steps and measuring results. We help you and your team stay focused.

Through scheduled coaching sessions with key management, the STRATEGY HOUSE performance managers review progress, evaluate and analyze new information, and develop new action steps to keep you focused.

This type of systematic focus on the success of your business will better enable you to identify and execute new strategies for change, remove obstacles and maximize opportunities.

Step 4 - Enhance Your StrategyMAP™ with Alignment Tools

Your StrategyMAP™ will always be your primary focus tool. However, as your company grows, additional tools are available to align and reinforce your strategies throughout the organization.

When a business needs to concentrate on specific areas, STRATEGY HOUSE offers proven alignment tools that get maximum results:

Financial Enhancement Tools
  • Profit and Cash Flow Plans
  • Business Dashboards
  • Sales Performance Measures

Customer Enhancement Tools
  • Customer Touch Plans
  • Sales Analysis and Mapping

Operational Enhancement Tools
  • Process Flow Development
  • Organization Charting
  • Critical Success Factor Development

People Enhancement Tools
  • Win/Win Performance Agreements
  • Aligned Compensation Plans